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About Mothman

Hey guys its me, the Mothman. I am a freelance illustrator that some of you may know from my intro work for Super Best Friends Play.

I have decided to start up a Patreon, this is largely to help me and my art growth, should that be a goal you wish to support consider pledging to help a moth out. The things that I will be posting here include practice sheets, finished art pieces, WIPS, speed painting videos and any tips that I come up with that I think can help you guys.

For anyone not familiar with the work I create please watch the patreon video of some previous works and enjoy the examples below.

The current goal is 1 Patreon voted pieces a month on top of any other things that are created each month, im hoping to eventually use work created for this to go towards an art book sometime in the future.

 At the moment I am running with some basic rewards now while I consider what to add feel free to suggest rewards you would like to see, I had thought of stuff like PSD documents, but as I paint primarily on 1 layer for the most part it would probably be a fairly worthless reward. So at the moment i'm mainly just running with wallpapers and commission discounts (these discounts stack with any general sales, so a 20% off reward tier here would become 40% off during general sales that I do) If I ever produce merchandise I will work out a way to extend that discount to there also.

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