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is creating uplifting podcasts to inspire, inform and motivate listeners.
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About The Motivational Voice Podcast

Hi there! 

I am Oumar Dieng (pronounced Umar Jeng), the host of the Motivational Voice Podcast.

Every other week or so, I deliver value-packed podcasts to inspire, inform and motivate listeners. I share tips and tricks on creating positive habits and share life and career advice. I interview thought leaders, and interesting personalities to provide insights and real-life examples of people overcoming challenges and achieving their goals despite the odds and obstacles on their paths. My hope is that these stories will inspire you to reach your goals.

I would love the podcast to become self-funding in order to keep it going and give you more of what you love.

By becoming a patron, you will not only receive VIP status as a listener, but you will also help me produce a high-quality podcast with great programming for everyone.