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Who Are We?

Motorsports Beat is an auto racing outlet created and ran by Aaron Bearden with a goal of crafting unique stories and analysis to be enjoyed and generate discussion within the industry. 

As an outlet, we travel to and cover 20+ races each year across various racing tours in the U.S., sharing stories from motorsports with people across the world. MB also helps update racing fans on the racing industry as a whole each day with a short email newsletter called The Morning Warmup, or TMW for short. 

The sign-up sheet can be found here:

Patreon Promises

With the creation of this Patreon, MB can promise you two things:

1) Every dollar made from this endeavor will go back into it. Whether the money goes toward travel to a track, audio/video equipment, new content endeavors or supporting a colleague - we plan to donate 10% of our Patron support to others in the industry - you can rest assured that your donations are going directly into motorsports.

2) We're committed to this long-term. The outlet might grow and change over time, but the central principle behind it won't be altered. So long as there is support, we intend to keep providing race fans with an easy and unique way to follow the racing industry.

Why Are We Here? 

In 2018, Aaron began posting a daily update on his Facebook page called The Morning Warmup. Each morning he shared the latest big stories in motorsports ranging from NASCAR down to USAC - allowing race fans a quick, easy place to catch up on things they might have missed and prepare for the day ahead. 

That move led to a conversation with Jeff Gluck (a former Patreon creator that now works at The Athletic), and they elected to make TMW into a daily email newsletter so fans could get access to it without the need to check into a social feed. 

Aaron agreed on the move to an email newsletter with two goals. The first was to make sure that it was adding value to the racing world, giving subscribers an easy way to follow the racing industry without slaving over social media all day. 

The second goal was to help his financial situation within the industry.

Why Support Us? 

As Gluck wrote in a post detailing the newsletter's launch, Aaron doesn't make a living from his racing endeavors. He generates a humble sum of money with the opportunities given, but the hours, dollars and sweat spent covering the sport over the past five years had largely come without financial return. He's driven late into the night, slept at truck stops and on hotel rooms floors and stumbled into his day job on an hour of sleep to make things work and pursue his dreams. 

The creation of the Patreon in August 2018 led to increased financial support, allowing Aaron stability to build toward his next dream. That led to the move toward his next goal - the creation of Motorsports Beat. 

With increased support will come enhanced coverage of races, the hiring of additional staff and new content creation including podcasts, YouTube videos and potentially books over racing topics that deserve a deep dive. The intent is to build a fully-fledged outlet to cover all disciplines of auto racing. 

To any of you that support us - thank you. We couldn't do this without you. We still have a long way to go, but the journey's worth every effort. 

What if I just want to make a one-time donation?

Patreon was established for monthly subscribers, but if you just want to make a one-time donation to support our cause you can do so via Paypal. We appreciate any and all support! 

The link can be found here:
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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