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Greetings and welcome to the Mount Carmel Publishing Patreon Page. I started this independent publishing house as an answer to the question that I kept asking myself as I read current literature in the form of poetry and creative nonfiction blogs, news articles, and essays:  Where is the current voice of minority women? And what is being done about the decline in modern language, grammar, and coverage for the topics that Americans and humanity are facing today? 

Accused by a former professor of being “too earnest,” my answer is yes! I am so earnest and passionate about language, art and life that I want to do something about these growing voids. So, I did. 

Mount Carmel Publishing is focused on publishing contemporary literature and art with a classic style and providing a platform to the underrepresented artistic voices of our time. 

I am self-funded and work a “normal” day job just like you, which is why your support is so vital. No donation is too large or too small, and all support is appreciated. Thank you, and blessings.
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Mount Carmel Publishing has its first full length poetry collection, The Reality of What You Asked. The topics include existential exploration last during travels to the the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico and the fallout of relationships between people and how nature makes one whole. 

These funds will will help a first run of 500 copies, taxes on sales, and research costs, most of which have already been accrued.

Ten percent of the proceeds from the fundraiser will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in memory of Danny Barwell and a teenage family friend. 

Thank you in advance for your care and support. 
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