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Oh, you were able to scrape up a buck..gee, that's so thoughtful.  Our undeniable gratification to Richie freakin' Rich over here.
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First off, Jerry and Simone would like to thank their hardcore Degenerates & Degenerettes for listening to Mouse Rants as well as promoting it and sharing with all your friends.  Your continued support has filled these emotionless brats with love and joy.  So thank you thank you thank you.

Q: I thought your podcast was completely DIY.  Why are you begging for money?

A:  You are correct!  Our show IS completely DIY and until we get up to episode 500, it will not cost us a dime for hosting/storage...HOWEVER making a Mouse Rants quality podcast does cost us some of our hard-earned cash.  With the amount of production, editing and original content that goes into the show, it really puts a strain on Jerry and Simone.

With your support through Patreon, you will be helping us with equipment costs, as well as slightly compensating us for all the work we put into each episode.  (And believe me, with 2-3 hours episodes, specials, musicals, etc. a LOT of work goes into them!)

Most importantly, we want to bring the BEST content possible to the table, so you jerks will keep listening to us and not some douchey ripoff show instead.  Our Degenerates are our favorite thing about doing Mouse Rants and we are so lucky to have such die-hard fans be part of the mischief!

Thanks to all of your for being a part of our show and throwing some cash our way for equipment, booze, and everything else that makes Mouse Rants what it is!

Even if you can't donate today, keep on listening and we'll see ya in The World!!!  

-Jerry & Simone
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Everyone could use updates on equipment - and Jerry & Simone are no exceptions.
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