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You can put your request in the Draw Pool . Then every week I will choose one or two requests at random and draw them.
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You get to look at my study files. Figure studies , portraits , Anatomy studies , Perspective so you can learn along with me .
  • You can put your request in the Draw Pool. Then every week I will choose one or two requests at random and draw them
  • and my thanks and love.




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About Mr Bimmy

Salutations! ( my fancy way of saying hello )

Hello world,
My name is Travis Williams and I am an up-and-coming artist. You can call me Mr. Bimmy. I’ve been lucky enough to figure out exactly what I want to do in life. That is to draw cool pictures of pretty girls as I find my artist voice and to inspire others to find their own artist voice.
I am 26 years old. When I graduated from high school I wanted to be in video game design, but after a couple years of coursework and various classes I discovered that my true passion is art. Since then I have searched for the path to improve my art skills. This has included classes, books, studying anatomy, drawing strangers on buses and in coffee shops.
I have spent hours and hours drawing. My chosen mediums are pencil and paper, and digital art. I’ve been using Paint Tool Sai for the last five years. I have seen improvement but never enough( Heh - heh - heh ).

I have taught private individuals and been involved in after school programs .
I am still exploring. I am still searching for my path. I know that I want to be an artist. I want to support myself with my art.
If there is one aspect that I could pass on it would be my passion. And if I were to cheat would also pass on my determination to achieve my passion.

How you can help? This is your cue!

Your support on Patreon will serve a dual purpose. One, it will allow me to devote more time and effort into finding the path to becoming a true artist. Two, it will let me teach and inspire others on how to grow in their art (nifty huh?). My motto is, “Improvement and empowerment.”
Not only will I be able to focus more of my time on the world of art but I will also be able to bring you
  • Fan Art
  • Tutorials
  • Critiques
  • Personal One-On-One Sessions
  • YouTube Videos
  • group meet ups
  • and more !
If donating is a little much I would also appreciate sharing my art with your friends and loved ones. Feel free to suggest changes or new themes at any time. I don’t promise that I will always be able to comply, but the feedback is great. I want Patreon to be a safe place for my patrons to feel creative and influence each other’s inspiration. Don’t be shy, I want to share this journey with all of you!

When will your pledge go through?

All rewards will be distributed each month after payments have been confirmed. This will be within the first few days of each month. This Patreon is safe for work so PayPal is in fact accepted.

$0 of $450 per month
This goal will cover the basic needs for now and will let me focus all my attention on producing content.
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