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About Edward L. Cheever II

Hello everyone!

I'm excited to announce this Patreon, "Mr. Cheever's Class," a free resource for teachers and students. Thank you so much for stopping by to take the time and consider supporting me and my work.

I love education and teaching...

...and over the past years, I have built skills, knowledge, and experiences I want to share with other teachers who may have a hard time creating materials, or thinking up lessons and activities. 
My time teaching at my current school is coming to a close, and I am now at a turning point in my life as I look for new opportunities in my career. Where will I end up?  Only time can tell. 
However, I'm just as eager to educate as I have ever been, and with Patreon I can continue to do just that. 

What is "Mr. Cheever's Class"?

"Mr. Cheever's Class" is currently a Blog on Wordpress, with ambitious plans for growth and expansion. Here at the beginning, I plan to create polished, clean, and professional teaching materials that I will release once per week on my blog. Each post will also include notes on the use of the material, and my personal suggestions or observations. 

While the materials I create will mostly fall under my skill set as an English and Social Science teacher, I will also create general purpose tools, as well as materials for other fields of study, like psychology, philosophy, speech, science, and others.

As my support grows, I plan on growing my content with it. My goals for the future include increasing the frequency with which I release material, writing blog posts on educational methodology and other broad topics, providing weekly writing prompts for writing workshops, and even expanding to a full-fledged YouTube channel, where I will post video lessons that would be useful to a flipped classroom.

This Patreon begins now as a side-job, but I hope that in the future, as my support grows through all of you, that I can expand and improve. Maybe one day, together, we can turn this little blog of mine into an invaluable resource for teachers everywhere.

This is my pledge to all of you, my supporters.

  • I will create material on a steady weekly basis using all of my skill, experience, and understanding.
  • I will listen to you, and help create the kinds of materials you want and need in your classrooms.
  • I will grow and expand as the support for me and my work grows.
  • I will continue to improve the quality of my content.
  • I will continue to learn (and have fun as I do), and make sure you learn and have fun as well!

How does that sound? 

Please support me, and I will work for you!
Thanks for your time and consideration!
$11 of $500 per creation
At $500 per month, I can treat this Patreon as the real side-job i want it to be, and I can begin to really focus on the quality of the material.
Beyond that, however, this level will guarantee the following:
  • I will create one piece or package of teaching material for free per week. (What I already do).
  • I will create one “Workshop Writing Prompt” per week. A “Workshop Writing Prompt” will be a writing prompt focused on practicing a particular writing skill through a creative writing exercise. It will be polished and professional in appearance, like all of the teaching materials I plan on developing.
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