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Poor Boiz
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If you get this one i wont judge you, not everyone has $5 they can spend on unlimited amazing content.
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You are now my peeps, i love you more than my own brother. If you are my brother, then never mind, i hate you.

you get everything, except my nudes that is, they are only for NerdCubed.

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You fool, why would you waste your money on this, you get nothing back from this, but it doeshelps me.




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My name is michael. I would ask your name, but i wouldnt be able to hear you. You may ask what i hope to achieve from this, but its a secret so i wont tell. Fine, i want to be able to buy a computer so i can work on my game at home, but that will take a while to achieve. At the moment, i just want to build up some form of fanbase. I will release each chapter as i write it, so thst should be at least one a week. I hope you enjoy them.
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Im aiming low, so 10 Peeps should be good, if i reach it, then awesome. If not, no big deal.
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