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Hi Friends! If you are someone who is in hot pursuit of your best self and / or your best life then this is the network for you! My name is Shawn Furey and I love to see people succeed - at life!

One thing I've learned from my own experience is that there are a lot of obstacles and opposition that lay between where you are now and where you are going! If you're going to overcome those hurdles then it'll be important that you discover, develop, and sustain a high level of personal power.

You may have noticed that there aren't always a lot of people around who demonstrate a lot of personal empowerment in their day-to-day lives and there's often even fewer people around who would applaud you when you do begin to become empowered.

No wonder so many people never reach their full potential in life!

Growing up, I struggled to find anyone who demonstrated any kind of capacity to improve day-to-day situations and so I turned to history books, movies, and TV shows to find characters that I could look up to and aspire to be like someday. I found some real characters like Martin Luther King, Jr and some pretend characters like Superman. Now, after several years of researching the lives of empowered people and characters, I've come to the conclusion that if you're looking for a way to develop and demonstrate personal power then all you have to do is try everyday to live heroically - to live your life as if you were the hero of your own story.

Join my Personal Empowerment Network and become a part of a community of empowered, self-confident, go-getters! We value personal development and situation improvement. We want to do well as individuals and as human beings. We want to achieve a sustainable sense of well-being and personal power.

As a member of the 'Shine On' network, you get access to;

Assessment tools and a monthly progress report,

Monthly updates to your Situation Improvement Plan,

Community conference call opportunities [currently available on tuesday nights at 7 pm] with the other members and a Hero Support G.U.Y [via Zoom video call], 

One-on-one talk-time opportunities [via telephone or Zoom video-call].

Group discussions / trainings about various topics related to personal development & situation modification.

Batman had Alfred, Bond had "Q", The Angels had Charlie, and now you've got somebody too - actually, now you've got a whole team of people who want to see you succeed - at life!

 - Thanks!
 Shawn Furey,
 Hero Support G.U.Y. - Success Partner
 G.U.Y. = Guide to the Ultimate You!
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I want to get some t-shirts made for an up-coming hero training seminar! Patrons will be able to purchase them at a discounted price!
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