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About Mr Icarus


Welcome to my Patreon page where i'm supposed to explain what I do, well chances are you already know what I do, i'm that guy that goes digging around the internet for interesting Doom mods and maps and then brings them to you fine folks in the form of Doom Mod Madness. Naturally that's not the only thing I do but it's certainly the thing I do at the moment that people really enjoy, which is awesome.

This page is chiefly here for those of you out there that enjoy my stuff SO DAMN MUCH that you have an inexplicable urge to throw money at me. In all honesty I have no idea why anyone would but here we are either way. Basically, this is a tip jar and that's the way you guys should treat it. If any of you are ABSOLUTELY INSANE enough to throw some coin in it though I'll be sure to give you a spot in the credits of any Doom Mod Madness/Mod Madness videos I produce. (Be sure to give me a week or so to update the credits list, sometimes when people sign up i've already got a video in the can.)

Additionally I will now be adding EARLY ACCESS editions of my videos. Normally I schedule my regular release of Doom Mod Madness for Friday each week but as an exclusive for patrons, I'll be releasing new entries here before they officially debut!

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