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About MrLlamaSC

In the year 1346, a disease known as The Black Death struck Europe and over the next 7 years killed 30-60% of the European human population.

What you may not have heard about is the The Slightly-Less Black Death which wiped out all of the known world's llama population except for my MrLlama herd. Due to this, rumor spread around the kingdoms that my llamas possessed magical healing powers and their value skyrocketed. I was approached by hundreds of kingdoms looking to buy my llamas but I refused them all; I know they would not treat them with respect but rather abuse them and trade them away when they found out they had no special healing properties. Eventually their offers of money turned to violence and on the 22nd day of March, 1349 my llama herd was taken from me by the Kingdom of AI.

The true reason my llamas were unaffected by the disease is because they were shielded by love. Without this love, they are guaranteed to fall victim to the disease and the Llama population will be extinct from this world for the rest of time. I have contacted many kingdoms for help, but now I am just a farmer with no llamas and thus of no interest to them. Instead, I must take matters into my own hands and march to the land of AI where I will defeat their evil forces. Please, join me on my quest to rescue my llamas before it's too late. Only with your support do I stand a chance against them.

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