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You get to see the mysterious portraits of people who were taken by the Lacrim which come out every couple of weeks.
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You get to create your own lacrim. Tell me everything you want on your lacrim, give it a name and it will be released on Tapastic and Webtoon (1 / month).




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About Mr Monty

Hi everyone!
My name is Mr. Monty and I am the creator of a webcomic called Lacrim which you can check out at 

What's it about?
Lacrim is a creepy story about mysterious creatures called lacrim who bring about the end of the world. Told through eerie sketches and recorded conversations, it attempts to capture the terror of a child's nightmares when trapped in the dark.

I love making this comic but there is constant need to replenish my art supplies which make it all possible. If you were to support Lacrim financially, it would go along way and help me see this story which I feel very passionate about, to the end.

What's in it for you?
You won't just be helping me make this comic but you will also be helping yourself to some of the perks down below, including:
- progress sketches and related posts
- lacrimified portraits
- your own customized lacrim

Thanks and thanks again!
If you do not have the financial means, a great way to support me is to like, subscribe, comment and share my comic - this is always invaluable to me.
So immerse yourself into the world of Lacrim and HAVE FUN!

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