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I'll also send out one blu-ray UV code of random films, per video, to each and every single one of my patrons on this reward! (UK only as of now, will work on getting US if any patron from the States decides to pledge!)

I will also take requests on which films to tackle. You will be credited in the video as a producer for that specific one. 

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About Christopher Aguíar

Hi, my name is Christopher Aguíar (MrNerdista). I am a YouTuber who creates video essays on film, TV, video games and literature. With every video, I aim to educate and entertain while keeping my work accessible and far from self-indulgent or pretentious.

Where does your money go, you ask? Pledges cover my monthly Adobe subscription and audio software, as well as any outgoing costs for the channel i.e new external hard drives, purchasing films for analysis. The money also helps put food on the table where applicable. 

I upload once or twice a month. Never more. Sometimes I may even miss a month due to extensive research, hence why your pledge is 'per video' and not on a monthly basis. I don't want to charge someone for uploading nothing that month!

If 1% of my subscriber base pledged at the lowest tier, the channel's quality would improve exponentially!

I want to stress, though, that my videos are free. I don't want to beg or exploit anyone for money. If you cannot pledge or simply do not want to, I still appreciate your support by clicking subscribe/link or even on the video itself! Only pledge if you can see yourself parting with that small fee per video I create.

Thank you for reading this post. Even if you choose to click away, I appreciate you taking the time to read through this. If you feel so inclined to pledge, I can't even begin to express how much that means to me. Thanks once again! 

-- Mr Nerdista
$5 of $15 per video
With this amount, I can launch and sustain my own website. On this website you'll find written essays, short stories (I like to write in my spare time), film reviews & my video essays. 

This may be small to some, but funding this website would allow me to go all-out with my essays and provide you guys with more content.
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