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As a supporter you gain access to the following:

• Appear on a credit reel at the end of all of my content (Live and Recorded)

• Access to my Discord Channel where you can chat with other Patreons and supporters!

• Exclusive first looks at upcoming content (screenshots and video media)

I'll add a list of ALL of my Patreons on my videos (Livestreams and Recorded).

Access to a private discord channel, only higher tiers and fellow Supporters can access.

Having discord you're more likely to be the first ones to know about any new content when i share screenshots and videos to Discord. 

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You'll gain access to your own discord area, only Legends and fellow Super Supporters will have access to this, chat amongst yourselves, chat with me, do what you like (within reason!!).

Shout outs on Social Media, I won't be doing this constantly but when you first become a Super Supporter I'll gladly give you a shout out on Social Media!

Game invites, those of you that support in this tier, will be added to a list of people I'd gladly have join me for a game of something (you'd need the game on the relevant platform and it'll be arranged via Discord).

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• All of the previous tier rewards

• Private Discord Channel

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• YouTube/Twitch Channel sharing

• Inner Circle (advice and tips)

You'll essentially be one of my closest supporters, you'll have access to your own private area of Discord, plus access to lower tiers. 

You'll get priority pick for game invites, this doesn't mean that I'll only ever play with Patreon subscribers, however you will get first pick from my Patreon subscribers should i be playing with subs. (If there are too many of you, I'll decide fairly and those who lose out, will be picked as priority next time)

I'll share your YouTube channel/Twitch channel if you have one and if you'd like. For Live Streams I'll give it a Shout out. It'll also appear next to your name in the credit reel. (You'll need to let me know what it is so i can link it to you)

Inner Circle, I'll be open to suggestions and channel direction advice from you guys via Discord, I'll also help to support you guys with any tips and advice i can dish out myself.

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About MrPeachUK


I'm Marcus and I like to play games, it's never really been anything I expect to earn money from, I tried for a while but the market is waaay too saturated! 

I like to create content, I used to enjoy putting together montages or putting gaming to cool music. (I use mostly Monstercat for that).

Lately I've decided that with my 40 hour working week, I don't have as much time for video editing and messing about and that streaming would be far easier and MUCH more interactive.

I'd like to drop the job and do this full time one day but I can't do it without support from the people watching my content. (which is where you come in!)

If any kind soul would like to become one of my Patreons on here (and by no means am I expecting anyone to!), it would be greatly appreciated and I'd like to attempt to repay that in some way (open to ideas!).

I'll create some basic tiers for the moment but I'm completely open to what they are going forward and what you expect for your hard earned cash.

Let me be clear, the money raised on here will be pumped back into my gaming, whether that's buying new games to share, new content, new equipment, it'll mostly get pumped back into the channel one way or another so you guys are sharing in that! IF and i mean IF I ever earn more from Patreon than I earn at my work in a month, it'll essentially be my wage and help me to spend more time creating videos. But i sincerely doubt that'll happen! 

Thank you for taking the time to read. Check out the subscription tiers and thank you for supporting my channel! 


$0 of $500 per month
I have never made money on any of the content I've created. The first money I was about to earn was £50 (or whatever the initial withdrawal minimum was for YouTube) but they changed the monetization rules as I was less then £2 from my goal. So never was able to make a penny from my channel.

$500 a month equates to just under £400 GBP, this will ensure that I can deliver some fantastic content on my channel and try to keep up with the latest releases and maybe even give you guys some content where I show you what you can get for money in certain games.  I can't afford in-game purchases often at the moment)
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