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About Russell Davis

My name is Russell Davis, and I am the President/Founder of Unlimited Liabilities (a Night Lifestyle Brand and Bar Consulting/Production Company), CEO of Cocktails & Dreams, Inc, former 2012 Bartender of the Year for the Nightclub and Bar Awards, and you might recognize me as a Mixology/Bar Expert (Cast) for Spike TV's Bar Rescue.

I travel the world as a bar industry expert and entrepreneur, and want to bring you the most daring original drinking/cocktail culture content produced from the eyes of a professional barman.  My team (Unlimited Liabilities) of nationally and internationally recognized alcohol industry figures and myself want to show you the people, the techniques, the flavors, and the style that make the bar/drinking industry exciting.

With your monthly support, we can help to provide the highest quality free content in the form of drinking blogs, cocktail recipes, bartending/mixology videos, and podcasts.  We want to produce the most honest content possible, no matter how controversial, secretive, or dangerous it may be. 

We hope that you want to take this journey with us, and we will appreciate any and all support that our friends and fans can provide. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for any inquiries/booking/content suggestions.

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