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The Homie
per month
Every dollar helps me out and keeps me motivated to keep doing what I'm doing! You're awesome!

And seriously 3 of those dollars are a kebap and I love kebap.

The Squad
per month
You part of the squad now, I'm probably gonna spam you with messages constantly, enjoy that.

Seriously Im going to bug you to play with me constantly.

I'll also do my best to help you out in anyway that I can

We fam now.

The Carry
per month
You get a personalized dick pic with growth charts every month no seriously though why would you help me this much I fucking love you

I will personally help you and coach you, if you want it on any game that I run or ran in the past.

I'll go over replays and game play videos with you and take you through what I think could help you to improve

I can also setup a training regimen for you to improve as well.

My undying love and adoration

What I'm saying is I'm pretty much your bitch.




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Hi and welcome I don't really know what to say but I guess you're here, so I suppose thank you for that, and I hope you have a  wonderful day!
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