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Welcome to my Patreon!
You are just a step away from becoming an official MRCHEEZYPOP MEMBER! I'm  Maxwell Glick! You probably know me as mrcheezypop on YouTube where I take you to the Disney Parks and show you the best tips on getting around the parks, eat all the foods, drink all the drinks, and bring you all the magic of Disney and mrcheezypop to you!
What Your Support Means
Bringing you content on an almost daily basis on my YouTube channel is the most rewarding thing of my life, but the content I make also costs a significant amount of money and time. Your support helps me continue to do what I do, and can also allow me to make even more quality videos. In return for your support, you get welcomed into the official Patreon family as a mrcheezypop member! Your membership allows me to continue to make the content I love to make for you guys, but also gets you much more personal access to me! There are so many rewards for you to choose from, and no amount is too small!

What Your Support Gets You
First things first. If you do not have any money to donate now, do not worry! Nothing will change for you. You will still get to see all my videos, completely free on my YouTube channel. If you do decide to support me, thank you so much! You get access to all different kinds of perks, from livestreams, to daily snaps on Snapchat, to your own personal videos! You pick what reward works best for you on a monthly basis! The great thing about Patreon is that you can set your monthly donation as low or as high as you want! If you have $5, amazing!! Trust me, $5 from 5 people can go a long way in achieving what I want from Patreon. 

How I Will Use Your Support
I will keep making the content you guys love, but I could do even more of it. Sometimes, I can't show off all of the food items I'd want because I have to keep the budget down. With your help, I can show you even more of the magic! Also, with an even bigger budget, I could bring you more original music videos like "Magic In The Air!"  

Thank you!
Whether you decide to donate or not, I thank you for watching all of my videos and checking out my page today. If you do decide to donate, welcome to my mrcheezypop Patreon family!
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Welcome to the mrcheezypop family!  You'll get access to my Patron only stream, which means you'll hear about any announcements before everyone else.
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Have you ever wanted to have your very own mrcheezypop pass? Now you can! At this level, you get your very own mrcheezypop membership card with this fancy new mrcheezypop logo!
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I will create a monthly PRIVATE Patreon only unlisted video where you'll get a more candid look at what I've been up to in the past month. You'll get to hear everything first in these monthly videos. What new show will I be appearing on and what was it like? What new voiceovers have I been doing? What new Disney videos am I working on? You'll get to see it all here first!

130 – reached! patrons
When I reach 130 Patrons, I will make a new Disney music video!
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