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About MsJazmineMonroe

Hey Yall! I am really sorry for my continued absence! I am expecting my first baby and am due March 2018. Once i am done recovering from giving birth, i will be active again on Patreon. I appreciate your understanding and continued support. Look forward to catching up with all of you loves again soon!<3<3<3 

My name is Jazmine Monroe. I am a 26 year old model, gamer and twitch streamer<3<3 I am super into photo shoots. I mainly shoot lingerie and cheeky style photographs but i am starting my transition to cosplay photography now. I really wanted to create this Patreon account for a way better connect with my true and loyal fans. The fans who really want to help support my work and get more exclusive photos, prints and extras! I want to share exclusive content with you, some that will never be posted anywhere else, as well as new and upcoming projects i am working on.
By choosing to join me in my Patreon adventure you can pledge anywhere from $1 - $100 and not only be supporting me in my streams and artistic endeavors, but also be receiving some great content (and gifts) in return! 
So... welcome! Take a look around. Stay a while!
Thank you for being here and for following me around on this gigantic thing we call the Internet. =D
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Hey My Loves! So as you all may already know, I currently do glamour/ boudoir style modeling. However, I have always wanted to move towards cosplay modeling. I have been a gamer my whole life and I have an undying love for video game characters and all things fantasy. I've never had the opportunity nor funds to truly role play or dress up as any character I love and related to, so this is my first attempt at doing so! I would really love and appreciate y'alls love and support on this transition project. For those that would love to see me in costume and believe in me, here you go love! =D Anything from you is a greatttt help and will help move my projects along much more quickly! Thank you all so much!
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