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By donating $1 you'll have access to my Patreon only stream which will include content made specifically for you. This content will include vlogs, photos, gameplays and other super awesome stuff. I will also be interacting with my patrons frequently through the stream.
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By donating $5, you'll be entered in a Patreon-only wheel contest. This donation will count as a sending a pack in for Quack-A-Pack and at the end of each month, I will open a random vintage pack in your honor. This will be like any other Mystery Pack (You'll get a shoutout and information in the description of the video), but since you were awesome enough to donate, you will also get all contents of the pack.  You will also receive all lower rewards.
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By Donating $7, you'll be entered into a monthly giveaway in which one lucky winner will win 5 signed McQuacks lands (one of each basic land) You'll also get all lower rewards.




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About MtgMcQuacks

My name is Mike(MtgMcQuacks) and I make Magic: The Gathering videos on Youtube.  My channel is all about fun and I never take myself too seriously.  Most of my videos include trying to destroy my sister in some fashion, whether it be in games of Magic or pack openings.  Two of the most popular series on my channel are 'Sibling Rivalry' and 'Quack-A-Pack'.

Sibling Rivalry is a series in which I go against my sister in product openings.  We battle it out to see who gets more value and more often than not, anger ensues. These videos are filled with comical banter, anger, a little cussing and usually some pretty sick pulls.  By becoming my patron, you will help in allowing for more creative and adventurous product opening opportunities.

Quack-A-Pack is a series in which each day I randomly open vintage booster packs. A prize wheel holds 8 packs and each day a magical spin determines which pack is opened. Once the pack opening begins you'll be treated to a nice overlay showing you the top 4 value cards in the set I'm opening so that you can play along and see if I pull one of them. By becoming my patron, your donations will allow me continued access to the exciting vintage packs available.

Other videos on my channel include Deck Techs, Limited Gameplay, Commander Gameplay and reviews of various Magic products.  I try to be as fun and entertaining in each video I upload and at times, it might get a little weird, but that's part of the experience :)

By becoming my patron, you are supporting my channel in the most valuable way possible.  Any donation will help in getting more product and better equipment, guaranteeing that I can put out the best possible content for you to watch. I absolutely love making these videos and your donations will allow me to produce even more "Shnerb" inducing content.
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I'll be able to start getting equipment to up the quality of my videos (lights,camera,action?)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts