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Dr. Jean-Marc Sobczyk is excited to offer MTHFR and Genomics expertise at the Akasha center for integrative medicine.

He feels that this is a vital piece to precision, personalized medicine and is instrumental in optimizing your health.

Dr. Jean-Marc Sobczyk does not practice a “SNP driven approach”.

Each case is approached with not only a thorough analysis of your specific gene mutations (aka SNPs), but also a full review of your medical history, pertinent blood tests, urinary tests, lifestyle and dietary habits, emotional health, gut health, environmental toxic exposures, etc., understanding that these all influence gene expression and are equally important as the presence or absence of a gene variant.

He does not formulate treatment plans based solely on individual gene variations and genetic predispositions.

The level of detail is not achievable through computer based self-generated reports including generic treatments recommendations.

For example, not everyone who has an MTHFR gene mutation will receive 5-methyltetrahydrafolate (the active form of folate), because in some cases, patients can actually feel worse taking this form of vitamin, depending upon other mutations that they may or may not have.

It is of absolute importance that we look at the complete picture to understand how one’s genetics work in concert with our complex metabolism.

Through research and numerous case studies, trained nutrigenomics practitioners have become aware that cookbook/SNP driven approaches as a whole do not work.

You might get lucky and see improvement, but in general the best-case scenario is that nothing improves, and the worst case is that things actually get worse.

Working with a knowledgeable practitioner who finely tunes your treatment plan is essential to a successful treatment.

During your consultation, you will be provided with a personalized SNP report, along with detailed explanations on how to implement the changes needed to achieve positive results.

Recommendations include but are not limited to: specific lifestyle, dietary and supplement recommendations, further lab tests when indicated to assess GI function, neurotransmitter status, hormone status and more if needed.

We do have the ability to influence whether or not these genes express, in other words, whether a gene is turned on or off.

This is determined by several external factors (epigenetic factors) including our diet, exercise, environmental toxin exposures, stress levels, nutrient status, etc.

In you want to know more about this topic, you can follow me on Instagram @mthfr_expert or on my Facebook page and read my blog.

If you are ready to take the next step to optimize your health, contact my office in Santa Monica. I offer face to face visits, phone or skype visit.
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