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About Muffin Tops Games

Welcome to the Patreon for ArkAngler - A Metroidvania Maker centered around a passion for story, community created content... and grappling hooks.

Thanks for swinging by!

At its core, we want ArkAngler to challenge players with physics-based exploration, platforming and combat in a game world built around the lock-and-key structure popularized in games like Metroid and Castlevania. Fun, accessible gameplay is our top priority, but we also want to encourage players to explore the world, take in the aesthetics and steadily progress from a weak, ancient robot into a powerful hero.

Here's where it gets really interesting - ArkAngler will feature an intuitive level designer, where the community can create areas that will then be seeded or loaded into YOUR game. This is not just a 'mode' - the community made content will be woven into the main story - so every play through will be a unique experience crafted in part by fellow ArkAnglers!

Does the world really need another metroidvania game?
It's true - there are a ton of great metroidvania games available today. So what sets ArkAngler apart?
1) Community Created Content - This will be the first game that we know of to incorporate community created level design into its main story.
2) Grappling Hooks - Always the bridesmaid and never the bride, the grappling hook has been our favorite thing in so many games - so it's high time it became the main event.
3) YOU - Yes. You. As patrons, you are a part of this process. Not only are you making this happen, but your feedback, critique and input are a crucial part of ArkAngler, and without you it truly would be 'just another metroidvania'. 

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a service where you can pledge to send a regular payment to creators, so they can support themselves and keep making new stuff. Your pledge level gives you perks and rewards along the way as a thank you for your support.

Patreon means that creators can serve their patrons, not advertisers or corporate sponsors. Patreon is a place where you, the patron, gets to choose what deserves to be made and who deserves a voice. Thank you for partnering with us to see ArkAngler become a reality!

Why does Muffin Tops Games need your patronage?
Patreon is our first step along the crowdfunding path - we are about as indie as you can get, so we need your support, your encouragement, and your buy-in to make this game a success. As the Patreon grows we will also be able to determine when we have enough ground-swell to make the ultimate leap and go into full-blown production mode. 

What do I get for pledging to Muffin Tops Games?
There are a plethora of rewards and goals we are aiming to hit, and you can check them out in the sidebar. In the grand scheme of things, you are in essence joining the ArkAngler team in some form or fashion. Because of that, you'll get an exclusive inside scoop on the ideas, the progress, the challenges, and the victories. No one is going to the get the kind of access you, as a patron, will get by pledging here on Patreon. At whatever level you choose to support, you have our undying gratitude. Let's conquer together so we can look back and see what we all accomplished!

Our Vision for ArkAngler
Muffin Tops Games is determined to set ArkAngler apart by creating an addicting and fun core gameplay mechanic, immersive story, and rich atmospheres. This is our passion, and we're glad you're going to join us for the ride.

Our design ethos stems from a love of games like MegaMan, Sonic the Hedgehog, Metroid and Zelda. From MegaMan, we hope to take fast-paced combat and challenging platforming sequences. From Sonic, we want the tight physics and sense of momentum. From Metroid, we want to steal the concept of unlocking new areas by discovering abilities and growing as a hero. From Zelda, we will try our best to create a world that is simple and free, but has a rich backstory for any player that chooses to investigate it.

We are particularly excited about our 'power up' system. Being that our main character is a robot with extendy arms, we feel there is so much potential. Our philosophy behind power ups is that they should all be meaningful and have multiple uses—for example, a buzzsaw arm attachment can be used for melee attacks, but can also cut through wood or pull the player along walls or ceilings.

We’ll do it!
Is Bionic Commando really as far as the Grappling Hook Platformer genre can go? We’ve seen incredible grappling hooks in video games. Worms, Just Cause, and Umihara Kawase are some of our favorites... but we haven’t seen a game that combines well-considered puzzles and combat with the sheer exhilaration of zipping around with Batman’s grapple gun. It seems like a game that should have been made by now, but, nope. So, we’re doing it!

Doing it:
It costs a surprising amount to live in the U.S.A., especially if you want to be part of the economic class that lives past the age of 60. So, yes, please give us your money. But please give us your notes as well. We’re just two guys, and it takes a village to raise a video game. If you want it to be well-adjusted, at least.

We expect the total cost at a bare minimum to be $75,000 - Most of these costs are going to go toward hiring coders and freeing up enough time for us to create assets and do proper marketing/networking to make this game a success. 

Who are we?
In 2006, two men met in the hallowed fighting grounds of Hyrule Temple. In that fiery furnace of battle, a friendship was forged! They now wield this friendship to create the greatest game they've never been able to play--ArkAngler! Nate is a writer, artist, and student of game design currently working a job that involves neither art, nor writing, nor game design - but that doesn't stop him from spending most of his time honing his craft. Ted has been in the creative industry for over a decade and has experience working with a myriad of different types of artists to put on grand live and video productions, as well as compose a whole bunch of music along the way.

From Ted:
Thank you for becoming a patron of this project! We know that it will take a lot of us banding together to make ArkAngler a reality. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining us on this journey. I can promise you 2 things: 
1. ArkAngler's music, marketing, game design, and overall project management will get my highest level of care and critique. I am not the kind of person who does something halfway, and I'm not about to let my and Nate's dream become anything less than what we deem as perfect.
2. The visual style, gameplay, and overall game concepts will be world-class. Nate is an artisan and a virtuoso. These are the only words I can think of to describe the way he approaches character design, game design, visual styles, story, and gameplay. I have never met anyone with such an encyclopedic knowledge of great games, and more importantly - what makes them great.

By investing in this Patreon, you are getting in on the ground floor to support one of the greatest artists of our time in the new art medium of video game design. It's an honor to work with him, and if you haven't already discovered why - you soon will. 

From Nate:
We can do a good job on this, people. I absolutely guarantee it. I have never guaranteed anything before, but since I'm asking you for money on the good faith that we will deliver an excellent game, so... I guarantee it. On my honor. But it's seriously going to take a lot of money, folks. I got bills, y'all. If you can float me for a few years, I guarantee that we will make a really good game. Like top 15 of the year, at least. We'll aim for higher, but that's the best I'm comfortable guaranteeing. And I'm only willing to guarantee that much because of Ted. I cannot stress this enough: Thanks to Ted, this game will have an award-winning soundtrack. Mark my flippin' words. His compositions inspire creativity and exploration, which is exactly the kind of vibe you want in a physics-based adventure. We want to make something deep and engaging, but easy and fun to play. We want people to enjoy the simple act of grappling with extendo arms. I am beyond excited to explore in this game everything it means to be a humanoid with elastic arms lost in a distant future with grapple points all over the place. 

Thank you!
With your support, we’ll make a super neat game. We look forward to working with whatever community might hopefully form around ArkAngler.
$21 of $50 per month
At this level, we can make the DesignDocuCast a weekly podcast experience - available to all patrons. In this podcast-type experience we'll be discussing ArkAngler's design as well as anything else that comes up. Because we like talking, and we think you'll like listening.
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