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Rather than putting the Dharma behind a pay wall, please donate as you feel free in the comfort of knowing that your Danna is helping the Dharma spread.

As we establish an open Online Zendo (streaming sittings and talks from the physical Zendo) we hope you'll log in to join us as you please.

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About Jizoan Zen Centre

Jizoan Zen Centre is led by Mujyo Williams, he is an ordained Rinzai Zen Teacher who began his path into Zen more than 30 years ago, this included training and living in Japan. 
Zen is a varied path, and Mujyo Roshi a natural artist was drawn to Zen as an eclectic path, as such he helps people learn and practice Zen meditation (zazen), gives classes in painting, Sino-Japanese calligraphy and Classical Japanese Martial Arts at the Zen Centre which is also his residence. Mujyo has also been active in human rights and activism within the Australian community.
We hope this community will expand into podcasting about Zen and related cultural arts as well as the odd video and help us maintain our physical Zendo as well.
The Zendo is the only Rinzai centre in Australia located in Australia's most remote capital city Perth, but we are also an international Zen community.  
$0 of $400 per month
To run at minimum self sufficient way for the Zendo to meet it's needs and create this community.Helping us Podcast Mujyo's talks on Zen, keep the Zendo running for those who can phyically visit and do lots of other Zen things and positve things in the wider community. 
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