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Diverse books. It's a buzzword in the writing community on twitter and everywhere else these days. But when you walk into a bookstore, or scan through Amazon or Smashwords, how many diverse books are you actually seeing put out by big presses?

Multifarious Press is committed to all forms of diversity. We want to build a list of titles in all sub-genres of diverse representation. We also need to provide a quality product, which means we have to buy ISBN's, web hosting, shipping... we have to put the time in to edit, copy edit, format and upload the books so that our readers can buy them. The Developmental Editors and staff at MFP basically work for free, this is a dream for us as much as it will ever be something we do to make money. What we can't do, without our Patrons, is afford the start-up and run-costs of this press. None of us are even remotely wealthy. What we do have is skill and passion in the written word and in business.

There are so many diverse authors, stories and readers out there, just waiting. Fantastic books that are getting shelved or worse, deleted and diverse authors who are giving up their dreams because traditional publishing is incredibly slow on the uptake of diversity.

It IS moving in the right direction, but the one benefit a small press has over larger ones is that we can get the books out faster. 

If you are willing and able to support our cause of putting diverse stories, produced by diverse staff, written by diverse authors in the hands of those who want to read them,  thank you. From the bottom of our hearts here at Multifarious Press... thank you.
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We work out of our homes, so have no need for office space. But there are costs to running any kind of business. If we can get to $1000 per month, that will cover the costs of web hosting and development, ISBN purchases and listings, and listing the books through our PoD supplier so that libraries and book stores can stock our books.
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