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Howdy Folks - This Is Jay, a.k.a. MultimediaJay  :-)

Who Am I?  :-)
I've had a personal hobby recreational variety channel on YouTube since 2006.  I make various videos for fun, usually about something related to technology, AV gear, or gaming.  I also have presences on other platforms such as Twitter and Twitch as well as a more standard blog.

The Scope Of This Patreon Page  :-)
During the course of my involvement on these sites I've received feedback that some folks would want to support me if YouTube had some kind of tip jar or some other way of supporting creators, so this Patreon is largely a simple donation portal for whoever wants to contribute.

I've seen Patreon involvement overcomplicate and in some cases seriously cut into the content of various YouTube channels so I'm mostly keeping things simple on here.  Minimum donations are $1 per month, though other amounts can be manually entered, and I'm also open to someone giving a one-time donation by "subscribing" for a month and then cancelling 1 month later.  :-)  That's more of a Patreon issue so I'll leave that to Patreon's brass to address.  :-)

The Scope Of Your Patreon Pledges And YouTube Ad Revenue  :-)
I've largely been paying for the things I've made videos about on YouTube out of pocket, so besides helping offset the costs of the content on YouTube, it also helps make up for costs from previous content as well that's already up on the channel.  :-)

Ultimately, between Patreon and YouTube's ad revenue system my long term goal is to eventually have offline dollars for offline things, and online dollars for online things, using online dollars for purchases for YouTube videos that otherwise would make no sense for me to do on my own.  :-)

 "Are You Trying To Not Need A Real Job Anymore?"  :-)
Having seen various "full time YouTubers" have to compromise their content quality or their values due to needing to pay bills over the years, I've committed to always having a "real job" even if I'm able to not need one due to online revenue.  I know "Full Time YouTubing" doesn't work out in the long run, so I'll always want to have an offline job somewhere to not have that sort of conflict of interest that ultimately hurts creators' content in the long run.  :-)

Thanks For Stopping By!!!   :-)

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