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I am a cuber,I liked cubing because of my friend name Mathew.I told myself that I should learn how to solve a 3x3 like Mathew so I bought a cube and I learned how to solve the first layer on my own so eventually I watched a tutorial and BOOM I solved the 3x3. But I was averaging about 1 minute with beginners method and I improved and my first second solve was 54 seconds,a few months has passed and I wanted to learn CFOP the most common used method, and I did except I did not do f2l because it was to hard for me and then again i few months has passed and i finally learned f2l so i was averaging sub 40 until I improved and became sub 30 and I went and learn full PLL and OLL and I was sub 20 and I wanted other people to also improve and become faster in easier ways and advanced,not unlike those HORRIBLE mediocre tutorials that few people could only understand.

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