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About Zach Shevich

What is Multiplex?
Multiplex is an entertainment analysis channel on YouTube run by Zach Shevich that covers new movies, entertainment industry trends, and the annual race for the Oscar Awards.

Who is Zach Shevich and why is he writing in the third person?
Zach Shevich is a freelance film writer and video editor that wants to combine those skills for the benefit of criticism on YouTube. He occasionally writes in the third person as an attempt to sound more objective, while acknowledging it seems impersonal.

What's your goal?
Zach has-- I have-- no expectations for this Patreon page. What I want is to continue making videos about movies. Multiplex has been an amazing opportunity to experiment with my writing style, expand my video editing knowledge and interact with an engaged film community.

Unfortunately, the cost of sustaining the channel is more than the money spent on movies and transportation - it's the time writing / editing for Multiplex takes away from writing / editing for a living.

The support of Patreon patrons would allow me to treat Multiplex videos more like a job and less like a hobby. Again, there are no expectations with this page; however, if you like Multiplex content enough and would like to foster its development it would mean a tremendous amount to me to receive support. Any donation, large or small, would be hugely welcomed. Thanks for reading!
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