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What is Munchkin Metropolis?
My name is Roger Kolikas and I am "The Woodworking Gamer @ Munchkin Metropolis".   I am a lifelong gamer and avid woodworker with an "almost" fully stocked workshop.  (Some tools are still a bit outta reach)

 I need your support to help me create better YouTube videos for game & woodworking enthusiasts.  I will increase the quality with better equipment (Cameras, PC components, maybe a lapel mic), also by being able to commission special art to be combined with the woodworking to make beautiful works!    I stream live almost daily, and edit multiple days of streaming into short project videos.

 I actually do operate an Etsy store located at
feel free to check it out to see some of the projects that have turned into actual products throughout my time here.

In short, any funds from Patreon will only go towards making better things.  Whether it's better videos from EQ upgrades, or better pricing from the productivity boost that comes from new tools, or maybe, just a better day for someone who is feeling down but catches a laugh from my silly country antics!
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Thank you for your support!  I will add your name (If you wish) to the end credits of 5 of my videos on YouTube this month!
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 Thank you for your support!  If you wish, I will put your name in the credits of ALL of my videos for as long as you remain a patron.
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Everything above, plus each month you will receive 4 of the token of the month right in your mailbox at home! U.S. Shipping ONLY
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Everything above plus I will design & make you 6 of any single token that you choose!  U.S. Shipping ONLY
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Join me for a private monthly livestream, where we will design and build a project from scratch!

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When I reach $500 per month, I will be able to update my computer & camera system so that I no longer have to carry a single camera from station to station during my streams.
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