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If you know Jay... You're 100% better than him.


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Take that hug real deep... that really sounds creepy XD


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She's insane... insanely hot that is.


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You can ask for a 1 chapter story between 5000 to 7000 words.




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About Murloc_Rampage

Hey everyone, I'm murloc rampage and I'm a writer on  Some of my readers have told me to start a patreon as a way they can pay me back for the hours of entertaining, and borderline, weird stories.  My stories are M or MA in nature and can contain some really interesting stuff. Honestly, I'm very thankful to anyone that reads my stories.  It makes me so happy to have such great friends reading my stories.  I hope to get to know you all in our adventures together. Most of what I write is pokemon fanfiction, but with patreon I will start writing other stories to appease you all.  Thank you for looking at my profile. ^_^

Also, I am planning on writing my own stories as a patreon exclusive.  It's just something small to add a little value to becoming a 1 dollar patron.  Donating more money also has me add stories that you want, which can be either fanfiction or original.  It all depends on the future.  Thank you again guys.
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This is the first of many while I'm in college. All of my time is either being used streaming on twitch, writing for you guys, or studying for college.  Please help me, any amount will help.
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