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is creating art and content for a tongue in cheek tabletop rpg game world
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As a Thingy you'll get access to all my content here on Patreon, which includes the following:

  • My Personal Sculpture Vlog: Did I mention I make monsters? I also make videos describing my process.
  • Occasional Fiction: Short stories set in the Worlds of Parodia.
  • Parodian Bestiary Monster Entries: Hordes of original new monsters along with brief descriptions in PDF format. I‘ll happily convert the stats of any of my creatures to 5th-Edition Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder (1.0 or 2.0) upon request.
  • Parodian Gazeteer Entries: Detailing the maps of the Worlds of Parodia in a piecemeal kind of way.
  • Parodia's Player Pantheon on Discord: Chat with me and other nerds about tabletop RPGs, video games, literature, cinema, or whatever!
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As an Antiman you gain the following benefits:

  • All the Benefits of the Previous Tier: That's a lot of benefits!
  • Bestiary Collector Cards: Do you like my Bestiary entries? How would you like to collect laminated copies of your favorites illustrations. I will gladly include game stats on the back for anyone interested in introducing my creatures into their favorite rpg! DM me with your requests.
  • Monthly Game Nights: Utilizing Parodia's Player Pantheon Discord server, I'll host and facilitate tabletop RPG games on Roll20. 
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As an Oogler you gain the following benefits:  

  • All the Benefits of the Previous Tier: That's a bit more than a lot of benefits!
  • Copy of My Parodia Bestiary/Gazetteer PDF: Upon its completion, I'll send you a link for download.
  • Full Color Maps: 16" x 20" laminated poster maps of Terrene Parodia, the Parodian Underworld and the Beneficent Sovereignty of Paradise, thereby beginning and completing your Worlds of Parodia map collection in one fell swoop! 




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About Worlds of Parodia

It was a healthy combination of games and entertainment media that sparked my life long devotion to "L'art pour l'art". Gnarly 80s action figures, PBS programming, Saturday morning cartoons, and horror movies between my fingers saturated my young mind, or was it flipping through the original AD&D Monster Manuals? The Fiend Folio was great too, filled with monstrous illustrations every bit as frightening and graphic as David Cronenburg's remake of the Fly, or John Carpenter's remake of The Thing. I apologize to those of you who aren't as familiar with...PRACTICAL EFFECTS BABY!

Using Patreon as my platform, I'll be sharing my illustrations, sculptures, and creative writing, all of which is stemming from an imaginary world that has been existing inside my head for a very long time, but has been steadily emerging more recently. I named it not after the parodia mutabilis (mutabilis cactus), but the word parody, and the tendency of things that are worth doing to have been done already. Not that they aren't worth doing over and over again...

Through the Worlds of Parodia, old art has a new purpose and I have a justified reason to create fresh work as well. Parodia is quite developed in my head, and I want to tell you all about it. I'll be doing my best to deliver content every couple weeks. As a starting goal, in the time-honored tradition of talented innovators like Gary Gygax and David C. Sutherland III, and the many who followed, I'd like to complete a Parodia themed Bestiary for use in the current Pathfinder Role Playing Game (version 1.0, my rules system of choice). The final product will contain maps and details of my homebrew setting, along with illustrations and game statistics for at least 50 creatures!
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When I reach $100 per month I'll create a server on Discord from which I will be able to cook up schemes with Patrons. The Blankness must be kept at bay!
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