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If you become a patron of mine at any level you will be considered a full supporter and receive all access to my Patreon Page and be able to have input into what I'm working on and what I will work on next.  The only reason I suggest a $1.50 (just $18 per year) minimum is because if you pledge less than that then the credit card companies take a pretty big chunk of it and not as much goes toward funding future art.
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If you become a patron of My Rap Name is Alex and contribute $7 or more you will be considered a full supporter AND receive advance access to any digital releases (be it artwork, music, books, or anything that can be distributed digitally) AND if you are local to Buffalo, NY (or can be in the area) you will be invited to the annual Patreon Party at my house every December. 
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If you become a Patreon of My Rap Name is Alex and contribute $25 or more you will be considered a full supporter, have access to all of the rewards available at lower levels of support AND you will receive physical copies of things appearing randomly in your actual mail box (no fewer than 2 times a year but probably a lot more).  Could be physical copies of new releases.  Could be physical copies of things I made a long time ago and just have still around.  Could be a personalized letter just for the joy of writing letters and catching up with each other.  It's sure to be good whatever it is. 




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About My Rap Name is Alex

Hi.   My Rap Name is Alex.  I make music about Peace and Love and Tolerance and Justice.  I have worked as a featured rapper with the live hip hop band *BloodThirsty Vegans* since 2007 and the discovery of looping technology in 2013 has helped me to become a rapper and beat-maker in my own *My Rap Name is Alex* solo concerts.  

In 2014 I discovered Patreon and decided that it was exactly the facilitator I always needed to have music as my actual job.  Even with only a handful of Patrons so far I have been able to buy equipment and create art that I would never have been able to make otherwise.  Whether you are already a patron or are just curious about possibly becoming a patron in the future, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.  

Thanks to my current patrons I was able to reach my first milestone goal last year.  My CD, Collage Radio, which had been shelved for YEARS was finally able to be released and is now available on band camp.  Please make a pledge --in whatever monthly amount feels right for you-- every little bit helps out in huge amounts.  

Peace & Love & Tolerance & Justice,
-My Rap Name is Alex 

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I have a fully recorded album, Collage Radio, but I don't have the funds to release it.  If I can get to $300 in pledges I will finally be able to release this wonderful CD that I worked very hard to complete. 
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