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With a single dollar a month of support, You'll get access to updates from my Patreon blog about any progress that is being undertaken - be it a lets play, or even progress of the animated series I'm working on. You can post recommendations and ideas too for upcoming episodes or webisodes or lets play parts. It's not much but hey, at least we get to virtually talk with each other. I always go online, so be sure that I will reply. Other than that, expect to see your name on the video information and/or the in-video credits at every video I upload.
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The $1.00 reward PLUS If you're an avid fan of Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5, and you play this arcade game too; AND you play in the International Server (those in the US, I am hoping your server merges with ours once the testing period is over), I will gladly battle you; record the race, and edit the video, and showcase it for the world to see. You call the shots of course of what map, which car of yours I'd battle and on what HP setting.
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The $1.00 reward PLUS I'll give you a digital artwork featuring any of the Supido no Densetsu Characters in anyway you like. I'll have it photo printed and mailed to you via air mail with a dedication at the back. (i.e. Daiki and Tomo having a yaoi moment kind of artwork). Also, gain access to Patron exclusive content I'll be making.




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About Myogi

He-hey guys, how's it goin'? It's me, Myogi. Thanks so much for checking out my Patreon page!

For formalities sake, I'm MyogiWarrior34, or "Myogi" as how my followers call me. I do lots of stuff actually: from lets plays, to mixed media machinima, to making an animated original racing story for everyone's viewing pleasure entitled "Supido no Densetsu" or "Speed Legend" in English. I'm slowly expanding my repertoire to digital artworks as well of both cars and characters from my series.

I primarily work with Youtube with respects to most of these mentioned above but they could only cater just as much; well not much but decent enough to keep me motivated. Not to mention living in a country where materials are priced high for the likes of me and my environment; it's a hard and challenging society I am dealing with at the quarter of my life's age (I'm 25). With your help, we could actually see the goal in sight of what I want to achieve and what I want you all to witness and see. For the past 4 years, I've been what you call a one-man-staff in production for the lets plays and the series combined. I'm beginning to understand the purpose and efficiency of completing this as a team with less time wasted. I want to make lots of stuff and showcase it here; and get paid of course, but alas, I'm but one man and thinking of material, creating it, editing it, and uploading it takes up a lot of time.

If you become my patreon, not only would you make the dream a reality, but you will definitely be duly credited for your generosity to the cause. Your contribution would greatly, and by greatly I mean A WHOLE LOT, increase the content QUALITY when I make these videos and make the series for you guys. It could be in the form of better equipment or getting someone to help out in production and have their talents duly paid for too, through your support.

Not to mention, I would even go out of my way to create something special for you upon your request - be it a requested battle (WMMT), draw you digitally in my series' art style, to making a cameo of you in my upcoming series episodes. I love you guys and I love to entertain you guys as well; I'd want to keep doing this and continuously see you guys help increase the support you've given me to even greater heights.

Featured above, by the way, is the upcoming project I'll be undertaking which will totally get you guys excited for - Fujin: Tsuchiya Chronicles. More details to come and I hope you all support this~!

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06-2018 Goal

Mugen-After Story Visual Novel

We need to hit the goal to fund illustrators to get the backgrounds needed for the Project. The sooner we reach the goal, the sooner we get to release the First release / build of the game.
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