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About Mirajus Studios

Here we go! Welcome to Myrajus Studios!

I've been thinking about expanding my repertoire of stuff I've been doing.
If you are reading this, Welcome!
This is my Patreon for my work!

What's in the network?

Verdant Violet Games - I make videos on games, Top 10's and fun stuff!  - YT, Twitch
Myrajus Games - I make games, usually freeware! - itch.io 
Myrajus Art - I do drawings for people. Usually, just some sketches. - Twitter / Discord

The Team 

I'm the solo-dev of all three. I don't have much to say there. 
If you want to know more about me, I'm Eleen, Ricky or Munio. 

Where I'm Based?
Pahrump, NV~!

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First Steps.
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