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So hello, everyone. My name is Myrmonden, I am huge Otaku and general nerd who have spend my whole life mastering pop culture, especially Japanese pop culture.

I Often found myself searching for others with similar interest in speficic sub genre or style, that is why I love doing  love doing anime and manga review and reactions and I try my best to give animes that other people might not watch a life on my channels, I want everyone to have someone to talk about their favorite show or their favorite character, hopefully I can be of help with that.

Overall I am quite emotional, so expect me to cry or laugh for a full video, on the same time I try and be as objective and pragmatic on my reviews. 
I also do game streaming and game guides when I got the timer over. I play every game on absolute hardest difficultly and I aim to always maximize each part of a game.

From time to time I also do review western comics such as Marvel and DC.

If you look what I do be sure to give your support. 

Thank you very much. 

Best Regards

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