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Hello everyone!

Welcome to my Patreon page.  Many of you know me as MysticNightVA from my current social media channels, while others may have remembered me formally as LoraLion.  I have had this page for a long while now, but only recently did I start to make lots of changes to it during my spare time.  I've been updating my page to make this account more interactive to new Patreon members, as well as making it more enticing to those who are not Patreon members.

For those of you who do not know who I am, I am a person who is fascinated with animation, video games, and voice acting.  I wanted to turn my passions into actual hobbies, and at first, I did not know how to correctly make that happen for me.  I've been making content for my YouTube channel, as well as for other channels for a while, but never got the chance to expand on how I wanted to make additional content for the enjoyment of other people... until now that is.  With everything that I am updating and making on all of my social media accounts, I am planning on making a lot more content for everyone to have fun with an enjoy.

I am working non stop on finding the best rewards that I can give out to anyone who would like to become one of my Patreons.  Check out my rewards and select a reward tier that you are interested in.  Not only will more Patreon members be a success for me, but it will also show me which rewards really interest you and what rewards you would like to see more of.

Also, I have goals that I am currently working toward as I begin to gain Patreon members.  They will be there to help get me started on additional future stuff for me to include on my channel, as well as what else I can do for my Patreon members.  If you haven't done so now, check out the rest of my page to see what else I have in store for you all, and don't be afraid to leave some comments or ask questions for anything that does not make sense to you.  I am always making updates and will be constantly making more content for everyone to enjoy.  As long as you guys are with me on this journey, I think we all will have a great time.

What Do I Plan To Do With Any Proceeds From Patreon?
Well, I have a pretty good idea on what I'd love to use any proceeds I may obtain from my Patreon members, but basically, here is what I was thinking to use them on:

A new microphone
Monthly subscriptions to Adobe Animate
Newer headphones
An updated tablet
Acoustic Panels for Home Studio

While there are plenty more ideas on what I would like to use the proceeds on, I think the listed items are great goals for me to work towards at the moment.

What Am I Working On Right Now?
Good question.  While I AM doing a lot of stuff for my channels at the moment, there is one particular project I am working on that is totally going to be something new for me.  It's a new animation idea that I've had for a while now, and I will be making everything all on my own for it.  I plan on starting off with building a trailer for it to get some hype on my YouTube channel for it.  But I will be doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff for it first to gather everyone's take on it before going on with the final product.
$0 of $10 per creation
Defiantly off to a nice start.  This will at least help me in grabbing some new sketching materials I need to use for any future livestream sketches on my YouTube channel.  Thanks so much guys.
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