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You see a curious tent made of silks and rugs. The colors and shape remind you of a wave rolling on itself and crashing into the sand. Something draws you in. As you step into the tent you’re surprised by the crystals and sea glass decorating the ceiling. Thin scarves allow light to filter through, causing shapes to dance across the walls. You feel like you’re underwater. You come to a table scattered with shells and starfish. You sit down. That’s when you finally see her, hair wild and framing her face, rings on every finger. It’s her eyes that catch you breath. They’re hazel, maybe blue; they mimic the sea glass, changing colors. Finally she speaks.

The cards say you’re here looking for answers. You need clarity and guidance on your next steps in life. Your curiosity and confusion has brought you here. Let me give you a reading. Let me tell you your future, or your past if you prefer. My cards can be blunt sometimes, but they’ve never been wrong.

Will you take a leap of faith and ask the cards a question?

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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