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In 2005, I got Myasthenia Gravis, which was a growth on my thymus and they had to crack open my chest and take everything above my heart out. I learned that in the hospital you really have to have an advocate, you have to have someone that's there for you. That's going to ask the hard questions that are going to get answers and make sure that you're okay.

There are times in your life that you don't have an advocate, that kids don't have an advocate and they're going to have to learn to be their own.  I think that a lot of children don't know how to speak up for what they need. They're very good at speaking up for what they want, but it gets a little harder for them to speak up for what they need.

Mr. Moody will have a comic strip that will engage all the emotions through different stories.  Funny thing, through the years, all of my doodling illustrations have accumulated into the finished product of the books.  I think the Mr. Moody books will impact children by encouraging them to speak up and stand up for themselves and others.
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Foals have the fascinating ability to stand about one hour after birth, and even start walking and running very soon after that.  

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 Typically foals are weaned between four and six months of age. Foals of this age are usually becoming more independent, and are relying less on their mother’s milk. 

Every weanling member provides Mr. Moody with the ability to maintain and encourage not only his own independence, but that of every child he reaches as well.

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 A stallion is a male horse who is four years and older.   Horses are considered mature at around four years old but their skeleton doesn't finishing developing until they are around six,  and with proper training and management, stallions are effective equine athletes at the highest levels of many disciplines, including horse racing,  horse shows and international Olympic competition. 

Stallion members represent the effort it takes to reach the highest levels.  The message of Mr. Moody will be able to benefit so many with the sponsorship from a stallion level member.

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