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Anything you'd like to see drawn in my style.

Will be posted within first or second week of the month to be voted on.

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There will be a poll of what I'll draw for patrons eyes only. Please offer suggestions to this. 

Can be game / anime characters, etc. 

No OCs.

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{Only be available every two months of pledging. Make sure to message me about them. 

Failure to do so will not result in an extra sketch in the next two months.}



About NocturnalQueen

Welcome to my Patreon!~

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Showing my creative works to those wanting to see and help support what I do. Though most of my work is public, this is the place to see them before anyone else, along with a bit extra! 

{Don't be afraid to suggest any possible ideas, digital wise, for possible rewards in the future, for existing and/or new tiers.}

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