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per Monthly Update
Access to the dev world, where plugins and such will be tested - particularly official [email protected] plugin.

If you're not already whitelisted to the community, this will not do so.




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About Nations @ War Community

This is to help fund the closed-community server at . If you don't know what that is already before seeing this page, this Patreon is probably not for you.

We chose to use Patreon to effectively set up member funding for the server. Donating to this Patreon does not guarantee whitelisting to the community or the server, although applications will be available at a later date.

This should aid in keeping things orderly and setup, while enforcing goals for those running the server to maintain and upkeep it.

Funds will only be charged after at least one server-wide event occurs or a sizable update has been made to the server that month. Even if there's 5 updates in a month, only the first one counts. This is to help prevent stagnation in development.

All funds donated that exceed the costs to run the server ($30/mo) will be kept aside as extra wiggle-room just in case. Higher-tier goals have this kept in mind so that the cost of running a more expensive server does not outpace itself.
$28 of $30 per Monthly Update
This will even out the cost of keeping the server operational with no extra cushioning or anything else. Failure to meet this on a monthly basis does not mean the server will be shutting down.
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