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Hi I am: 

I am a high ELO league of legends players and have been honored to have coached the most paying clients in League of Legends to date. I am trying to keep expanding on what you guys love, and that's it!

I have created this Patreon in order to take ALL OF YOUR MONEY. Just kidding, basically I want to continue to grow the channel and improve upon the things that you like about my stream and youtube videos. There has always been a disconnect with the stream and the youtube community and I'd really like to bridge that gap with the your support and the help of the discord software that I use to communicate with my fans!


Discord is basically the new gaming voice program, and since I am now a partnered discord streamer I can give you lots of cool stuff, just like the twitch subscribers get in conjunction with my twitch streams! All you do is visit and get started right away chatting with other fans of the stream and youtube! My goal is to make it so when you contribute you feel just like one of the subscribers do on my streams!

Here is what you guys would be contributing to me by being a patron:

I CAN PRODUCE BETTER CONTENT! Better overall quality of the stuff I produce!

For example, I would like to go to Korea for a month. I'd use that time to make more videos talking about the difference between the servers, and my coaching would have even more information packed in. This is just the beginning here, if this Patreon thing gets support I will keep working on really awesome projects in addition to the coaching work that I already do.

I CAN focus more on the channel!

Less stress, means more unique content, higher quality stuff. With some bills and costs being offset by patrons I can really do more stuff to not only make the channel better but can do things other content creators cannot.Here is a list of things that cost money:  

  • My life. In general, life costs money. Food, bills, car repairs, etc.Vids, since I am producing so much content lately with the coaching I have really had to cut back on making individual videos, which means I need to hire editors for any special projects, that costs money :( or I need help keeping up with the load from all of the videos created.
  • Equipment. Sometimes our video/audio equipment breaks or just needs to be upgraded. That stuff is expensive! This money supports keeping up to date on camera/mic/studio/computer etc
  • Paying people that contribute major time to my stream. I have twitch moderators that faithfully do work to ensure that content gets clipped and posted to you guys, or things get designed, this mainly happens with all of the coaching content. And even still it's tough to keep up. I'd love to be able to reward them more often for their great work!
  • I am married to a very gentle creature. She needs extra money to pay for the costs of being way too gentle. Don't tell my wife that I am making fun of her on patreon AND twitch. She may not be able to handle this.
If you want to help me out, I will keep planning new rewards for each step of the way. The rewards will include you, for example, first reward will be an 2 hours meeting with all Patreons to ask ANY questions about anything that I do, the direction of my videos, LoL, life, streaming. You name it. I will continue to add goals depending on the success of the Patreon.

If you have any questions about this campaign, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We would love to talk to you! You can always tweet me if you have suggestions of things to improve. Peace crackers.
$27 of $300 per month
Korea trip will be booked! I want to live in Korea for a month and climb the ladder as fast as possible for 30 days! It will be a really cool opportunity to improve on the coaching stuff you know and love!

This trip will include special meetings just for Patreon people where we talk about what its like playing over there, the lifestyle or just general questions about LoL.
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