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I will give you a shout out by your user name, or personal name, at the end of every episode I record.  If this is a stream only, it will be at the breaks.
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Including teir one, I will post a personal thank you video on Instagram and Facebook, including your social media links if applicable.
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Including tier I and II:  I will take time at the end of the stream to voice chat with you all Live on Twitch.  This will be cut out into a separate episode on an IRL playlist on Youtube for archive purposes.
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Hello, this is Michael, NERV2005!  First and for most I want to thank you for your support for my twitch and youtube videos.  I started doing these let's plays as a way to connect with the world and share one of my favorite things, video games!  I am an aspiring voice actor and a colossal geek.  Being able to share the things I love with people both live on twitch, and remotely on YouTube, has been a great part of my life.  I once again would like to thank all of you and every pledge goes towards new games, better equipment and feeding my guest stars. I wouldn't be here with out you!
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I will do a video interview with 1 patreon a month to be featureed live on twitch and on a playlist on my YouTube.
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