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Progress shots of the Tapeheads I'm working on. The equivalent of what was my instagram feed for those who have been following me there, but with more regular posts and more detailed informations about the creative process.

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Hi Everyone, and welcome to the Video Store!

My name is Patrick Massobrio and I am creating Tapeheads.

Remember the days when you used to spend hours in your favorite video rental store, discovering all those stunning cover arts and titles that made your imagination run wild? Remember all the amazing movies you saw thanks to those small black plastic bricks called VHS you were feeding your VCR with? As a lifelong movie fan, all this stands among my sweetest memories. Hence that pinching in the heart when I first thought about getting rid of my VHS tapes as new home video standards appeared. A pinching conveying a feeling of attachment rather than nostalgia as, even though I understand that some tapes may become collectible items, and take care never to use them in my work, I would have a hard time going back to VHS quality after having experienced the joys of high-definition….But I definitely couldn’t resolve to let such staples from my childhood years go that easily. So I decided to give them a second life in the form of characters from all kinds of cult movies: the Tapeheads were born. That’s basically how, back in 2014, the « Video Store Memories » project began, a tribute to the magic of video rental stores and to those who contributed, and sometimes still contribute against all odds, to keep such places alive.

At first, « Video Store Memories » was conceived as a side project but it grew more and more important in view of the general enthusiasm for the Tapeheads. It’s always a touching moment when they bring a smile to the face of those who discover them as all sorts of memories and stories from the golden age of video stores rekindle in their minds. In 2018, the first forty Tapeheads were gathered in « Video Store Memories, the book » for which I also asked some friends from different countries and background, who I met through this project, to join me in evoking their favorite video rental store stories.

Since 2014, my VHS Art has evolved quite a bit and I’m always looking forward to bringing it to the next level. But this also means that the more complex the artworks get, the more time is needed to complete them. And since there’s only me and my wife working on it, that means a lot. That’s where your support via Patreon would play an essential part. With steadier income via Patreon, I could ease off the pedal a little on constantly marketing my artwork via traditional social media, which turns out extremely time consuming; on having to produce more simple, easier to sell, VHS Artwork or taking side projects in order to make the whole thing work each month. I could finally focus mainly on the more complex pieces, the most beautiful ones, the craziest of them all. I could also allow myself to develop some more personal creations using VHS, not inspired by movie characters, that have been in my mind for quite some time, waiting to come alive. Patreon could also help us to participate in more conventions everywhere or organize new exhibitions like the one we did in the « Video Club de la Butte », one of the last video rental store in Paris, back in 2017.

From now on, my facebook and instagram feeds will only show finished pieces, old and new. The detailed making-of my VHS Art, the early drafts, the R&D, the announcement for upcoming pieces, the time lapse videos and all the good stuffs will be exclusive for Patrons. I will post more for you, interact more with you. Something new? A pre-order for an upcoming Tapehead (that, as it’s always the case, will be a unique piece) ? You’ll be the first to know and have access it! And as a movie fan and collector, it will also be a pleasure to chat with you about all this.

It’s the first time I’m using Patreon so for the moment, I’ll keep it simple with the tiers. But, trust me, lots of great and exciting things are coming in the next few months.

Thanks a lot for having taken time to read all this and I hope we’re about to start a long and fun journey rewinding together in the land of the Video Store Memories.


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To celebrate the launching of this page, when I reach 50 patrons, one of them will be randomly picked up to win a signed copy of "Video Store Memories, the book".
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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