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About No Other Choice

Welcome and thank you for checking out the mission of No Other Choice(NOC). To keep things in perspective I provide gun insight, reviews, training tips, and behind the scenes info, and a glimpse into all things self-protection. Promotion of the 2A lifestyle is something I am extremely passionate about.
I also strive to "bridge-the-gap" of all communities and cultures by fending off the impact of main stream media tearing us apart. I am a Black man who grew up in the inner city and understand all-to-well how the urban community is influenced to believe a certain way; this is unfortunate and has to stop!
Community efforts are something I love to do; such as, the "Aiming for the Truth" event where I dispell myths about violence and focus on the real factors; i.e. mental health, economics, family structure, education, child safety, and much more.  This aproach is meant to enforce the attainment of the valuable things in life and then place the emphasis on defeating gun control measures and why the ability to defend everything you work hard for is important.  
I have also put together measures to fight ALS, cancer, and poverty; the goal is to change lives!!!

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