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So, for those that don’t know me my name is Ross K. Foad. I’m a writer/director/actor and the founder of the No Place Like Holmes website and series. And it is in this capacity that I am talking to you today.

You see, for the past 7-years I have been providing entertainment and education to Sherlock Holmes fans through a variety of mediums under the NPLH umbrella. These have included the first, and longest running, episodic web drama comedy series “No Place Like Holmes” and the spin off “The Mary Morstan Mysteries”, video book reviews of Holmes pastiches, documentaries, The hosting of an A-Z index painstakingly maintained by Howard Ostrom that documents every Sherlock Holmes actor…EVER…3,600 and growing, autograph collections, essays, audio plays, and more.

But you know, I am always looking at what else I can do. How else can I make this bigger, better, more expansive. Now, all my material is free to view or listen to through YouTube and the NPLH website, but the creation of such materials is not without cost. Actors, costumes, props, hosting bandwidth, and other misc. film making/productions costs. I make NPLH and the site at a loss as it is, but that’s beside the point, as it was never set up to be a for profit thing. Yet, I don’t want that to limit the potential that I know I can do with my work.

Now, I have a lot of ideas as to how I want to make the NPLH website and franchise bigger, and this is where Patreon comes in. Now for those unaware, Patreon is not a crowdfund in a traditional sense, it is more an appreciation of artists by fans to continue helping them develop and support their material.

Pateron is a system by which Patron’s opt to automatically donate 1 dollar or more a month (or whatever currency) to help support that artist/creator with their works. I believe that there is enough interest in Sherlock Homes, and subsequently, Doyle, for it to be worth my while setting this up. While I do not have a figurein mind for a set amount it has to reach with it, as I am always going to be creating Holmes related stuff, but obviously the more resources I have, the better and more frequent the content can be.

One such expansion I want to do is raise awareness, educate, and entertain people about the life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his other works. This will be in the form of more documentaries centred around his life, documentaries adapted from his non-fiction works, radio style audio plays of his fictional works, and short films/mini web series of selected non-Holmes works. 

But this wouldn’t be all. Is it not time we had a new spin-off series to compliment NPLH like we did with The Mary Morstan Mysteries? Of course! What about a whole subsection on the website dedicated to archiving really old Holmes films and clips for easy catalogued access? Again – something that is within the realms of possibility, and I had actually begun work on.

And what if that had a fan-film wing? So we can catalogue and give a platform to people who have made their own Sherlock Holmes films?

 Extra backing would also mean that I can financially afford to take the foot off the gas pedal elsewhere, and concentrate even more time into this.

What about podcast interviews with Holmes book authors or actors? Again, could be on the cards.

And being a patreon is not a one-way thing either. Beyond helping me create more of the content, you enjoy, it will entitle you to have a greater influence over the sort of things that you would like to see me do within the context of Holmes and Doyle verse. Maybe you have written a short Holmes story you would like me to do as an Audio play? A particular Holmes character that you want to see turn up in an episode of NPLH? Want me to fast track your book review? Or perhaps, there is Doyle tale that you would like to see get a short film. As a patreon, you would have a say in all of this.

In addition you would also get exclusive updates, shout outs and plugs for any of your own sites or projects, and access to content before it gets released publically. And, of course, it is easy to opt out at any time should you so wish.

So, if you are someone who has enjoyed my work under the Holmes banner over the years, and would like to see it continue to expand to help educate and entertain the Holmes and Doyle verse. Please, do consider being a Patreon.

Thanks so much for listening and watching all these years! Here’s hopefully to many many more!

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I will bring back the Ross K Reviews show as part of the NPLH repotoire. 
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