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is creating an ARK: Survival Evolved Cluster
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This tier is for those who cannot afford higher reward options, but still want to contribute to the cluster. Every little bit helps, and you have our sincerest thanks for any and all contributions that you can make.

You will be placed in a Patron discord role to show others that you are a beautiful, beautiful contributor, but you will not receive access to the patron-perks text channel.

Includes Discord benefits
Patron Extraordinaire
per month
Patrons in this tier receive: 
  • Exclusive access to patron-perks text channel on the NTBD Discord, where you can suggest and vote for cluster events and bonuses!
  • A recolor for any one creature in-game; however, you are limited to only naturally occurring colors in said creature which you choose.
Includes Discord benefits
Patron Almighty
per month
Patrons in this tier get all previous tier rewards; however:
  • No limitations on the colors from which you can choose for your creature recolor.
  •  Also gain access to an exclusive, patron-only Almighty Voices voice channel on the NTBD Discord. 
Includes Discord benefits




per month

About Name to Be Determined

We are an ARK: Survival Evolved server run by some dedicated, long-time ark players! After the tragic loss of our previous clustered home, we took it upon ourselves to run damage control and provide a refuge for any and all players affected by the tragedy. We greet any and all players, new and old, with open arms.

We would love to have you join us.

Server Names and I.P.s:
[NTBD] Ragnarok - 3-5x Rates - PvE Cluster:
[NTBD] Extinction - 3-5x Rates - PvE Cluster:
[NTBD] Aberration - 3-5x Rates - PvE Cluster:
[NTBD] The Island - 3-5x Rates - PvE Cluster:
[NTBD][Mod Mania] Valguero - 3-5x Rates - PvE Cluster:
[NTBD][Primitive Challenge] Fjördur - 1-3x Rates - PvE Server:

Please Note: Name to Be Determined uses various maps. Please ensure that you have the appropriate map downloaded for the server you wish to join.

If you have any questions or issues to report, do not hesitate to contact PsychoWolfie on Steam or in game. She will keep any and all reports confidential and handle them with discretion.

We do run five small, static mods across all three servers. The list of mods can be found in the NTBD Mod Collection.

Other Useful Links: 
NTBD Discord Channel

Any pledges to Name to Be Determined will go toward the longevity and growth of the server. Thank you in advance for your patronage.

Any in-game rewards will be strictly cosmetic. We will never give out any items that give any one player an advantage over others.

Recolor rewards refresh every 4 months of continuous patronage. These do NOT stack, so be sure to use them before they reset!

$152 of $185 per month
We need to reach this goal in order to maintain our dedicated machine. While dedicated machines allow us more freedom for fun and experimentation as well as improve performance, they are also significantly more costly.
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