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is creating NWN server fixes, custom content, testing and tech help

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Access to a Discord channel where I share what I'm working on, how it works, post screenshots, and talk with patrons about making stuff (and making stuff work) in NWN.

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Access to view my screenshots folder, updated daily, backed up to Dropbox.

I take screenshots of my work to share with others issues I've discovered, or mark progress, the inside look gives an intimate view of current projects, and the programs I use, even without explanation.

Dropbox does allow per-file commentary, but anything like that I'd want to spend time on should probably belong in the Discord showcase, or posted to my Twitter as a tweet. This specific benefit allows access to hundreds of screenshots, whereas published screenshots with commentary will only be a small slice of these files.

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Hello, my name is Symphony.

I've been using Patreon for some time as a platform to donate to other creators, but I've had a lot of people suggesting that I start my own. Initially I was not interested, I didn't want people to think they were wasting money on me, or think they were buying my volunteer time when NWN is full of many volunteers that donate their time as well, but I think the appeal of Patreon is that a little goes a long way, and sending $1 per month has little impact on each patron, but can add up to a lot of relief for the creator.

I drink a lot of coffee (instead of sleeping) working on NWN, and also spend money on various utilities to see if they are a good fit for NWN work here and there, so covering these expenses to start with is a huge help and allows me to try out other miscellaneous utilities/programs, and drink even more coffee.

I'm fairly widespread in the community, so my hours do not specifically go to helping a single person or server, and a lot of my time is spent working for nobody, performing experiments to see if they work and considering what they can be used for.

Please let me know if you have any questions about my work.

The discord server can be freely joined at , though without one of the roles from the patron tier benefits, the actual content/channels/members will be invisible.
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One of these days, I'll make videos explaining how to find problems, fix issues, and add content appropriately, for each of the different types of NWN content.
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