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Greats my follow padawans, autobots, miners, patreons or how you want to be called, good to see you here and welcome to my Patreonpage! Obviously you are on this page because you want bad content :)... BUT also for some information, so let's start!

Who are you?
I'm a student who loves to spend his free time on the internet, yah I'm one of those. I love to make people laugh and share funny content, but I couldn't reach a lot of people. A few years ago I came into contact with computer science, which allowed me to reach that other part of the people. Nowadays I have my own website -()- and I'm active on YouTube and social media, including patreon.

What can I expect from you?
Well, I usually post similar stuff from my website on this page, which means my posts are about everything and nothing related with games and tutorials, mixed with humor and funy stuff. I will try to adjust the content on this page to your interests. The only question that has to be asked is how far you are willing to follow me in my adventure?

My post schedule is irregular.

Why did you choose patreon?
Your support and presence on my page gives me the feeling to keep goingon with the stuff  I like to do: entertaining people on the internet :]

What does my money actually pay for?
Your money will be used for professional purposes, and not for my own wallet. With your money I can improve my skills which will improve my content and thus improve your content as well.

Can I get something back for my money?
Sure, don't worry I owe you a lot and I'm thankfull to you. 'thankfull' is even Minimized, I mean without you I wouldn't stand here or wouldn't be the person I am today. Go en check the awards I made special for you my friend ;)  
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