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African/Nuwb(p)ian characters, stories, art, and literature?! Interesting Scientific and Historical information!? We heard and and we answer, join Namu1 Arts and Sciences on the journey of endarkenmening, fun, and captivating experiences through art and science. The journey is just beginning. Help make the steps with your donations.
    Time to GET RICH!  RICH?! YES, RICH!!!! Now is the time to harness the energy in the environment and achieve what we deserve. RICHNESS is in our blood. That is what you call gold. Gold is in our blood, coming from the stars that birthed elements allowing resources to form and rise from within the planet. Gold is natural, and currency is a symbol of that natural value. I and you all are going to attain ABSOLUTE freedom together supporting each other. The Combination of Art and Science is KEY!!! Let's build for ourselves.
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Gain a following of 1000. Each offering will be $1.00. times 1000 equals 1k. That should be enough for food, transportation, and clothing in a month. I produce more as more people join gaining more money.
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