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Because of your undying charity I am able to eat 3 times a day! As my thanks, I'll be sure to put your name in the credits of my webtoons or fanmade music videos.




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Welcome to my Patreon!

I make fanmade music videos featuring illustrations that I solely draw and animate with my trusty ol' graphics tablet and my moody cheap laptop. OH AND ALSO WEBTOONS.

Because of my love for making stories and drawing anime characters, I thought to myself how could I possibly express that love? One year after thinking about it I decided "Hey I'm going to make cringey animations with my not so great talent in drawing!". And that's where it all started, the legend of me.

But hey I'm happy with what I'm doing, and I'm glad that people are also happy whenever they see my lovey-dovey genre animations. Despite my time being eaten away by activities in college, I never want to stop creating animations because that's what I really love to do.

And maybe with your help, I can continue doing what I love, and hey maybe you'll come to love them too!

What do you say?
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Basically and frankly speaking, if I get enough reason to create music videos or continue my webtoon, I need that reason to be monetary values. I'm not saying I'm a gold digger, but I am. Haha. Nah, I just wanna feel rewarded and feel like this thing I'm doing is giving me value. I hope you understand. ^_^
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