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Double Deal (Standalone Tier)
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 Two heads are better than one! Just ask Bessy and Tessy, our  two-headed cow. We'll leave you to figure out which is which, though.  You've earned another copy of the $20 tier for whomever you deem fit.


  • 2× Full Game (Digital) 
  • 2× Beta Access 
  • 2× Backer Badge 
  • 2× Exclusive Backer Wallpapers 
  • Name added to the Backers section of the credits 
Cunning Collector
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 You've entered special edition territory now! That means you receive  the beautiful digital art book, game manual, copper forum badge to show  off your tier, and alpha access to help shape the game from the very  beginning.


  • Full Game (Digital) 
  • Alpha Access 
  • Copper Forum Badge 
  • Exclusive Backer Wallpapers 
  • Soundtrack (Digital) 
  • Art Book (Digital) 
  • Name added to the Backers section of the credits 
Friends Forever (Standalone Tier)
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 Wait, are we doing a 2x2 deal? You bet! Grab 4 copies of the $20USD tier for yourself and three other farmhands.


  • 4× Full Game (Digital) 
  • 4× Beta Access 
  • Backer Badge 
  • 4× Exclusive Backer Wallpapers 
  • 4× Soundtrack (Digital) 
  • Name added to the Backers section of the credits 




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Leaving your homeland behind aboard a sterling, seafaring vessel gifted to you by your brother, you set out on the open sea with but one goal: to find your true purpose in life.
Fate had other plans, however. A vicious storm turns your brother’s gift into nothing but fragmented flotsam, and soon you’re washed ashore on the beaches of Softshoal Island.
The wrecking of your beloved boat was far from fortunate, but landing on Softshoal Island may have been a blessing in disguise. You’re soon given a plot of land and a chance at a new start. Fate is quite the mysterious beast!

As you begin to nurture your plot, uncover great mysteries, and meet the citizens of the island, you’ll experience the everlasting magnificence of your new home first-hand--all while you rekindle the memories from your past that caused you to embark on this grand, exciting adventure in the first place. You never would have guessed that finding your purpose in life was just a shipwreck away...

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