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First of all, seriously thank you for the support. I'm thrilled to make free promotional content for indie or unrecognized authors, but it's hard finding the time when I already work two jobs and help edit books. My goal is to eventually make enough so I won't need to work other jobs and can dedicate even more time to audio readings. By supporting me, you offer me better opportunities to expand my platform and deliver more frequent content. 
For those who don't know, I offer a free book promotional service for any published authors by audio reading the first chapter of their book and uploading it onto Youtube along with links to purchase their book. It's hard getting recognized as an author these days without help, and I'm honored to be that help. 
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If your have a topic you'd like me to discuss on a speed drawing video, here's your chance to have your voice heard. I'll talk about most things, but I prefer topics like writing advice or commentary on life events I've been through. I won't tackle religious or political things since my channel isn't meant to stir up angry mobs of people who don't agree with me. 
Hear My Struggles
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I mess up a lot when recording audio chapters, so if you'd like to sadistically listen to my struggles of reading basic words until I get it right, just $2 a month will get you uncut content. Be forewarned... I swear a lot. 
My Thoughts and Opinions
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Hear my reviews on the books I read for based on their description and first chapter. Sometimes I love what I read, other times I kind of think it's shit, but I'll read it anyway! I'll give you unscripted honest opinions about the good and the bad. You'll also be able to listen to all the content in tier 1 with all my uncut mistake-riddled audio chapters. 
Help Me Quit My Job
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I work a full time while also doing free edits for people and my free promotional book-reading service. With your help, I can quit my job and turn these book promotions into a full time gig instead, offering you more content. 
What Do Scissors Do? Cut... In Line.
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If you have a chapter you want me to start on sooner than later without waiting in line behind dozens, this will allow you to jump to the front of the line. 
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Once I hit $300 a month, I can quit one of my jobs and dedicate more time to my Youtube channel, producing content faster.
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